How Much Real Estate Can You Afford?

It's All About the Monthly "PITI"

Long after the home buying process is over, you are left with a monthly payment of PITI.  This stands for Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.  We all want the most house we can get for the money, but we also want to take vacations, buy cars, and have fun!  Make sure when talking with a lender you tell them what you want the PITI to be, don't let them tell you!  Only you know what the comfortable number is based on your lifestyle. 
I m very careful to always keep my buyers in the comfort zone and help them get the most value for their hard earned dollars!  Feel free to call me for recommendations for reliable, competitive lenders.

Loan prequalification vs. pre-approval
Getting pre-qualified for a loan can help you determine what you can afford. Please fill out the following information and I can help you determine at what price we should start looking at. Things such as your credit history, your income, your outstanding debt, monthly expenses, employment history, the type of mortgage you want, and the amount of savings you have can all impact on how much real estate you can afford.

This brief form will tell me a little bit more about you so I can assist you with the appropriate form of home financing. There is no obligation and your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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